1. The Parties

1.1. We are Fage International S.A of 145, Rue du Kiem, L-8030 Strassen, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (‘FAGE’).

1.2. The EU General Data Protection Regulations, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the e-Privacy Regulations apply to this Cookie Policy. .

1.3. FAGE suggest that you read this Cookie Policy in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which you can find here. This Cookie Policy sets out what data FAGE collect using Cookies, the purpose of collecting this data and how long FAGE store the data.


2. What are Cookies

2.1. Cookies are small data files placed on the website user’s (hereinafter, the "Users" and, individually, "User") internet enabled device our website to add functionality. A cookie can be used to identify a User’s internet enabled device to the website, or to other third-party websites. This allows the website to improve the way it works, such as remembering preferences expressed by a User or tracking a User’s use of a website for statistical analysis.


3. What type of cookies are used on this site

3.1 The following types of cookie are set on this website:

3.1.1 Strictly necessary cookies.

        Strictly necessary cookies are required to allow the User to use the website, to move between pages and to receive services which have been requested.

E-Privacy Regulations (S.I. No. 336 of 2011 - the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Privacy and Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011).


Cookie Name



This cookie is set by the OneTrust compliance cookie solution. It stores information about the categories of cookies that the website uses and whether visitors have given or revoked their consent to the use of each category. This allows website owners to prevent cookies of each category from being set in the user's browser when consent is not given. The cookie normally lasts for one year, so that visitors returning to the website will find their preferences stored. It does not contain information that can identify the visitor to the website.
1 year
This cookie is set by websites that use certain versions of OneTrust's law compliance solution. It is set after visitors have seen a warning about cookies and, in some cases, only when they actively close the warning. It allows the website not to show the message to a user more than once. The cookie lasts one year.
1 year


3.1.2 Performance cookies.

            These cookies collect information about how the User uses a website such as which pages they have visited, and which links they have clicked on. This information will not be used to identify the User. The purpose of these cookies is to improve functionality of the website.


Cookie Name



These cookies are associated with Google Universal Analytics, which is a significant update of Google's most used analysis service. This cookie is used to distinguish individual users, who are assigned a randomly generated number as their unique identifier. It is present on every request page on the Website and is used to count visitors, sessions and campaign data for website analysis reports. It is scheduled to expire automatically after 2 years, although website owners can customize this setting
2 years
2 years (customized setting)
This is a type of cookie scheme set by Google Analytics, in which the name scheme contains the identification number of the account or website to which it refers. It seems to be a variation of the _gat cookie that is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on websites with high volumes of traffic.
1 day
This cookie tracks visitor behavior and measures Website performance. This cookie, by default, lasts 2 years and distinguishes between users and sessions. It is used to calculate new and returning visitor statistics
2 years


3.1.3 Functionality cookies.

         These cookies allow the Website to remember choices the User made and provide enhanced and more personal features.


Cookie Name


This cookie is used by websites using CloudFlare. Cookies associated with websites that use CloudFlare, are used to speed up page loading times. According to CloudFlare, it is used to overcome any restrictions arising from the IP address from which the visitor comes.


4 Consent and Management of Cookies

4.1 Under data protection legislation FAGE requires your consent for the use of all cookies except for cookies which are deemed to be strictly necessary.

4.2 The website will seek the User’s express consent to cookies upon entering the website and the User can withdraw their consent at any stage by adjusting their preferences.

4.3 Users can also turn off acceptance of Cookies in their browser. Please refer to the help function in the browser for further information on this. In order to update your Cookies preferences please click here and use the dedicated tool.

4.4 The disabling of cookies will not affect your ability to access and view our website.

4.5 However, please be advised that disabling some/all the cookies may reduce functionality of the website and may interfere with using all of the website’s features.